Jacek Wojnarowski Photographer in Bristol

Welcome to my page

I'm delighted you that you have found my webpage. You may already be familiar with my work, if you have accessed me through one of my other pages or posts. So welcome to the continuation of my journey.

I began this page in December 2013, as a way of monitoring my progression through photography. A lot has changed since I began this adventure of learning and discovery in my chosen art. I welcome people to share the journey with me.

Let me help to guide you around my page.

  • If you would like to view all my photos and post, they can be accessed by clicking on this blog
  • If you are interested in purchasing prints, you can view all images for sale, as selected from my database by clicking here.
  • If you would like to view all my gallery or portfolio images, they can be found in menu. Please also check the sub-menu and external gallery. External galleries will allow you to gain access to social media places like Flickr, Facebook and Google. Please be aware of links - they will open a new window browser.
  • If you require information on hiring myself, this link will be useful. For portrait session I have a separate FAQ page.
  • If you are interested to know more about myself, please click on the section about me. Here I have noted a few words about myself, my experiences in photography and other general information.
  • If you are have any queries or questions, my details are available on the contact section. (The mail address I have have provided is just for correspondence only. I do not currently have a photography studio).
  • Finally as with all other websites, I do need to have terms and conditions, the cookies policy and other legal conditions are mandatory, so please make yourself familiar with them and be sure that you agree with my conditions.

Thank you for visiting jaceksphotos.com
I hope you found all the information and photos you were looking for, and have enjoyed your visit.
Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any queries or would like to discuss my photos.

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