Portrait session bookings

For anyone in need of a professional portrait session. Consultation with the subject in shot would be advisable in advance. Once a project has been devised, I can intervene with all the equipment and experience required for execution.

Below I have tried to give a sense, in Q & A form, of the relevant issues my portrait photography will seek to address.

Of course if I have not provided answers for the questions you wish to ask feel free to contact us.

Question: Where are you based?

Answer: I am based in Bristol (Brislington) though I can cover the whole of Bristol and surrounding area:

Question: Do you work from a studio?

Answer: No. Lifestyle sessions, especially for children and groups work better outdoors. During our session I want to create natural, spontaneous portraits and I feel the best way to do this is to spend time outdoors having fun.

Question: Where will our portrait session take place?

Answer: This is your photo shoot so the choice of location is yours. We can either photograph at your home, or at a place that you enjoy with your family such as the park, the beach, the woods, or a combination of locations.

Question: When do the portrait sessions take place?

Answer: Portrait sessions usually take place in the morning or afternoon, when the light is at its best. It is not a good idea to take portrait photography in the middle of the day, when the sun is at its peak.

Question: How long will the portrait sessions last?

Answer: Typically around 2-3 hours

Question: Is there anything we should bring?

Answer: If we are meeting away from your home, I suggest that you bring along all the usual things you would for a day out: the favourite toys and games for the children to play – balls etc – snacks and drinks for refuelling, while wipes and a change of clothes are always a good idea.

Question: What happens if it rains?

Answer: If we are photographing a baby or child at home it won’t affect the session. If we’re photographing a family group or older children we may have to reschedule if the rain is too heavy or we don’t have sufficient space or cover at your home / location. More often than not we will do the session indoors and we will still get lots of lovely photographs.

Question: What should we wear?

Answer: My only suggestion is that you avoid graphic patterns, such as checked shirts, or anything that has a strong contrast to it. Also, if you are very keen on white, or other light outfits for your child, please do have a change of clothes at hand as marks on white clothes stand out in pictures.

Question: Are you able to remove spots / imperfections from the images?

Answer: Absolutely. All the images I present you with will have an element of retouching. Spots and imperfections such as scratches and bruises are removed as standard.

Question: Our children are teenagers – Do you photograph older children?

Answer: Yes I photograph all for all ages. As for younger children, I try to keep everything very relaxed although with teenagers there is often a bit more direction required to get the very best shots.

Question: How much does a session cost?

Answer: Each session is settled individually, I do not have any fixed prices. What is most important – everyone can afford my services.

Question: Do we have to pay anything on the day of the session?

Answer: Yes the shoot fee is payable on the day.

Question: When can I see my images?

Answer: A viewing appointment will be made in advance and will usually take place within 5-7 working days after the photo-shoot. Typically, this takes place in the customer’s home.

Question: How many images will I be able to choose from?

Answer: Depending on the shoot typically between 30-50 images. Family sessions tend to produce more due to there being more people photographed than in a baby session.

Question: Do you sell prints?

Answer: No I don’t sell individual prints. I believe your images deserve better than being shoved into a draw or put into a cheap album. After selecting the images you get from me a CD / DVD with the files that can be easily printed at any point of printing (eg Tesco Photo). Part of my size is 12” x 8”.

Question: Who owns the copyright for the images?

Answer: I retain the copyright to all my images.

Question: When and how do I Pay for my Artwork?

Answer: Payment in full is taken at the viewing session. We accept cash or popular paypal.

Question: What is your refund policy?

Answer: Refunds can not be made after an order has been placed. Damaged products will be replaced if the damage is reported within 24 hours of receipt. CD / DVD products can not be returned or refunded once received.

Question: How do I book a session?

Answer: Please email us at info@jaceksphotos.com or call us on 07527275144

Question: When are you available? How early should I book?

Answer: I am fully mobile, but I require at least one day prior to prepare for the session.